May. 5th, 2007

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I'm calling in dead next week. It's the only way I'm getting time off because I'm certainly not going to get it for good behavior.

There's a hole in my rose garden. That's not such an odd thing, seems like there's a hole in my garden every third week to plant a new rose bush. This one is over the septic tank though... specifically over the drain line junction that I'm going to have to pay the septic guy $800 to fix next week. Don't think I'm bellyaching about my repair bills, it costs the average home owner $5000 a year to maintain their home and so far this year I'm barely up to $280. I'm in a wind because I'm doing my laundry in a dish pan and my shower time is down to 4 minutes.

And the Night Heron who was hunting in my yard a few months back returned this week. Every night so far he's stood in the back garden and watched me though the kitchen wondow. Last night he hung around on the patio. I've named him 'Mr Knightly' He's tall, handsome, gentile, he hangs around my house for no apparent reason and his entire personality is a riddle.

In the midst of all this adventure and excitement... and detergent. I forgot to let everyone know I updated my fanfic.

Yeah, I know, I'm lazy. If you're standing there anyway you can dry the dishes. Just don't chip them when you put them away.

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