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Jul. 21st, 2008 08:32 pm
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I play DragonFable. If you're at all into the whole RPG thing you should really check it out, especially if you're like me and your gaming gets squashed into those rare breaks in the daily grind.

DragonFable is the brain child of Artix Entertainment. They have this novel idea that really great games should be available online for free and, of all the wonderment, play in your browser. They offer a game upgrade for each of their games for a one time fee of $20 that opens up new quests and new weapons. The game are 100% playable for free however. Like all it's counterpart games DragonFable has a crisp, anime like feel that makes me nostalgic for those childhood days of watching Robotech and Vlotron. The characters are engaging with a somewhat twisted sense of humor that routinely brings a well appreciated chuckle to my day. I've paid very good money for more than one box containing a disk who's gameplay wasn't nearly so well developed.

After playing DragonFable during my compiling breaks for about 6 months, now I decided that I really owed it to the dev team to put a crowbar in my wallet. They've saved my sanity amid numerous code malfunctions... and more than that I really wanted my own giant dragon and a bank vault.

My shiny new Dragon Amulet (the virtual symbol of the pay to play code) came with a truly awesome bonus. The right to be on the beta test team of Artix Entertainment's newest game. Adventure Quest Worlds.

Up until a couple of months ago I'd never really played an MMO. I'd seen my share of them, I have geek pals who play almost religiously but I'd never really found one that I could become attached to. That being said, I was a little excited when I logged in at lunch today for the last alpha test of AQ Worlds before they officially go to Beta. I knew I would find characters from DragonFable there that I'd already grown fond of... and one or two that I love to hate so I was counting on it at the very least feeling familiar.

Now I have a long history in beta testing, for professional and open source software alike. This was probably the most clean and easy alpha test I've ever experienced. The controls were intuitive (I confess, I logged in without reading the directions, I wanted to see if I could figure it out on my own.) And the few errors I encountered were easy to circumvent. If the final game turns out like I think it will it's going to be a heck of a way to observe site updates.

And now, the fun!

That's me, kicking some monster arse!

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