Apr. 19th, 2007

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I'm a big fan of the sort of new Finding Nemo ride at Epcot's 'Seas' pavilion. Yes, I know it's just a bunch of glorified anamatronics and digital projection but let's not lose sight of the important part here.

It's really cute anamatronics and digital projection.

So my clam shell had just passed the little star fish asking if I'd take him with me because he didn't want to listen to the song again and I clambered out onto the belt and what did I see directly across from the egress but a big tropical fish tank.

"Ooo," I said to mom with glittering eyes. "That's new" She nodded in agreement. For a Disney Passholder anything 'new' in a Disney park, even something as insignificant as a new topiary, must be inspected with the most due haste. God forbid we should ever be stopped by an average tourist and asked a question to which we did not know the answer. (I know the names of all the fountains in Adventure Land... but that's another story)

If anyone's curious, I found Nemo... and Dori... and a few fish who's names I don't know. While I had my face pasted to the glass adoring the very cute sea horses I happened to spy something else across the concourse.

Turtle Talk with Crush has pretty much been closed ever since it opened. Some people find that odd but whether it's just bad timing on my part or my inability to stand in a line longer than 20 min I'll leave open for debate. Suffice it to say that I hadn't had a chance to see the show yet, and low and behold there was no line.

I've been a passholder for 7 years now. I've chatted with the trash can, ticked of the talking well, drowned the drinking fountain. I even hugged a palm tree once just because he asked me to. No, it wasn't my medication, these things are fairly normal at Disney World. I was expecting an animated turtle and a guy back stage with a microphone.

I was totally unprepared for what I got.

Crush swam up to the screen... and his lips moved with what he said. Not puppet motions mind you, real lip syncing. Then he proceeded to point at one of the kids.

"Little dude with the blue shell, you've got a question?" He made eye contact, his body language matched his tone of voice. He even had a WTF? look when one of the little girls asked him a question that didn't make any sense.

The kids were rolling on the floor. We adults were cracking up too

"Offspring with the pink shell, who are you here with?" Crush asked.

"Mummy and daddy," the little girl with pigtails in the pink dress answered.

"Oh!" Crush held his fin up to shade his eyes "Where are the parental units at? Are you the dad dude?"

"Yeah," dad answered.

"Dude, I know what you're thinking," Crush stated, giving the dad in question a meaningful look. "You're totally thinking you were not going to talk to a turtle today dude."

I'm pretty sure Crush was right if dad's expression was any indication.

"How long do turtles live?" A little guy about seven asked.

"Dude that is an excellent question," Crush nodded happily "My friends here at the research center tell me that the average sea turtle lives to be about 80 years old. Now I'm 150 so I'm -really- old dude.... But I'm still fit! Check out the six pack!"

Mom and I were still cracking up when we walked out 10 minutes later.

"That's even better than the ride." she snickered.

"Yeah," I agreed as we passed the manatee tank "And I thought that was cool."

I'm thinking I have some friends that just -have- to see this. But what do you expect, dude? It's Disney.

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